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Amauri Richardson Ed Sheeran X Tour Info

By: Amauri Richardson

Ed Sheeran, the R&B/ acoustic artist from the U.K., is a much loved artist rising to prominence.  He will be stopping in Atlanta, GA, on Sept. 12, for his second world tour. The X tour has been going on for over a year, starting on August 6, 2014, and Sheeran’s arrival in Atlanta is much anticipated. Sheeran’s performance will be @ Philip’s Arena, performing along with him will be, Christina Perri, and Jamie Lawson. If you are trying to find an event to attend on Saturday the 12th, where you’ll get a blend of soul, R&B, pop music attend this one. Location info; Philips Arena (One Philips Drive Atlanta, Georgia 30303), Ticket info: visit to purchase your tickets online. Prices will vary from $ 59.60-$69.50 depending on level and section. Grab your tickets ASAP before they’re gone!

A Closer Look at POMC

As we enter the school year, it is important to recognize the tremendous amount of work that is going into our marching band’s half time performances. This extraordinary show does not simply come into being on the field, the marching band practices grueling hours after school to perfect their craft. This year’s theme, Said the Spider to the Fly, has an enticingly morbid feel to it which is perfected in the movement of the band members. When asked about the importance of timeliness on the field, Jordan Harlow (flutist grade 10) “If we aren’t on time, there is no synchronization within the band and everything tears away and falls apart. If you’re off time, it’s a train wreck.” “Our goal is to leave the crowd stunned.” Judging by the crowd’s reaction, the band has achieved this goal and will continue to perfect their performance as they approach October 31st which is the meeting of the Bands of America.

Ashlee Appling Goes on Mission Trip With Gwinnett Church

Learning and growing during the summer is all that we can hope for. Ashlee Appling (10) has had the opportunity to do so, and in return, she was rewarded with an amazing summer experience. She decided to spend a week of her summer serving unprivileged children.  Ashlee went on a mission trip to Costa Rica, with a group of some of her closest friends, and her church, Gwinnett church inside out. Ashlee Appling (10) said, “This experience not only brought me closer to god, but closer to my church. This group of people is amazing; I am so glad I have had the opportunity to spend my time with such amazing people, while serving the children of Costa Rica.” Ashlee spent her time during the mission trip doing as much as she could to help the children. She said, “I worked in the slums called Robealto and it served children who were at a high social risk, and were living in unimaginable conditions. We helped paint a classroom, taught the children new crafts to do, and helped with dishes during meals. While helping, I grew into a more grateful person. While seeing how the children lived, I gained a new understanding on how lucky I am to have food, shelter, and new clothes to wear every day.”

unnamed (5)mission trip picture ashlee appling2

Mill Creek Boys Cross Country Wins Battle of Atlanta

The boys cross country continued their winning season on Saturday when they took home the first place trophy at the Saucony Battle of Atlanta meet. Competing against 51 other teams in the varsity race, the boys won with 85 points, a score 35 points lower than the second place Marist High School.

On top of the great team performance, several of the runners had great individual performances. In the varsity race, 3 of the 7 runners placed in the top 20, earning a medal. They were led by senior Sam Costa, who took home second place with a 5k time of 16:05. “I felt my race was really smart and well ran, however there are still many things I’d like to improve upon,” said Costa. He was quickly followed by Senior Noah Hollis, who placed 6th with  a time of 16:33.

Mill Creek was also well represented  in the JV race. Winning the race with a time of 17:51 was Senior Cole Hray. “The win felt great. I moved up in the race until I had full control and then ended with a surge to make sure nobody could catch me,” said Hray. He was followed by Juniors Jordan Paugh and Colby price, who placed 3rd and 6th respectively.

Head Coach Andy Christie was thrilled  with the boys performance, saying “we had a great day…It was an exciting one for the team.”

The team hopes to continue its impressive debut as the JV boys travel to Berry College to race next Saturday.


Mill Creek Car Crash Footage

On August 28,2015, around 6:15 am, a car crash have occurred near Mill Creek High School-down Braselton Highway near Hog Mountain.

Delaney Moore a current Junior in Mill Creek, eye witnessed the the first crash down Braselton Highway. “We were going down Braselton Highway towards the school and a guy was pulling left out of Hog Mountain on to Braselton and he didn’t look left,” says Moore. Quickly this scene turned catastrophic as a truck who seemed to be going about 50 m/h hit the car. “The guy going away from Braselton wasn’t wearing a seatbelt so he got hurt and airbags went off on both cars so it was pretty bad,” says Moore. Knowledge of the identity and the current condition of the two victims is unknown.

The Ultimate Connection

By: Megan Smith

This summer, while everyone else was swimming at the pool and shopping at the local mall, Mill Creek tenth grader, Kroix Henson was meeting big time rappers that define this generation. Kroix said, “Going to these two concerts and meeting my favorite rappers, Drake and Fetty Wap, was an experience I will never ever forget.”

Kroix has always been a huge fan of each artist, which made it a huge deal to meet them and could not wait to share her experience with all of her friends on social media. Kroix went on to say, “The Fetty Wap concert was fun because my Dad was actually behind the scenes producing it, making the show even better for me to watch knowing my Dad was involved. And the Drake concert was just amazing, one of the best I’ve ever been to.”

Kroix has tagged along on many of her Dad’s job experiences which have filled her childhood with amazing opportunity and memories, however, none of them as cool as her moments with him this summer. Her Dad has always had this amazing job and it is finally hitting her to how very cool it actually is. Kroix looks forward to years and years of more fascinating adventures and opportunities through her Dad’s job and is thinking about someday pursuing this field herself .       The Ultimate ConnectionMeganSmith

Atlanta Symphony Audition

By: Madeleine Moody

On Sunday Aug. 23, three orchestra students at Mill Creek audition for the Atlanta Symphony at  the Woodruff Arts Center. The students that were invited to audition were chosen by their private lesson teachers, out of the best high school orchestra students in Georgia.

Sophomore violist, Annabelle Spoto auditioned Sunday and said that “the pressure and stress of the audition was definitely high, but once I started all the stress and pressure started to ease off and I played, not to my highest standards, but well.” Bassist, Kevin Alford is still preparing for his audition on Thursday Aug. 27, and he said “I am really excited but also nervous to audition and I just hope I make it.”

First all students had a blind audition where they sat behind a curtain and played for the judges. After the blind audition the students played individually in front of the judges for seating. Seating is where the judges place the students in the orchestra from best to worst. After the students have gone through the blind and normal audition the judges take between two to three days to choose the students that made it through a process of looking over their notes about the students and looking at where each student was seated.

The results are not in yet but “they should be in by next Monday” said music director, Robert Spano.

How to Get Hired

By: Michelle Ortiz

As seasonal job opportunities for teenagers start appearing such as The Buford Corn Maze, or working as Santa’s elf for the holiday, most teens do not know how to conduct themselves for a job interview. Nilda Vicens, a current spanish teacher at Mill Creek was the department head of Duluth high school and has interviewed multiple people along side with Jason Lane, the current principal of Mill Creek. The following list is advice from Vicens in hopes to help students be better prepared for interviews.

  1. Conduct Research. The more research you do, the more you’ll understand the employer, and the better you’ll be able to answer interview questions. “You want to know the ethics required for the company.If you are going to apply to the COCA COLA company you wouldn’t want to mention that your favorite drink is Pepsi.”
  2. Review Common Interview Questions. Your goal is composing detailed yet concise responses, focusing on specific examples and accomplishments. “A common question will be
  3. Dress for Success. Plan out a wardrobe that fits the organization and its culture, striving for the most professional appearance you can accomplish. “If I see somebody well dressed and looking professional that would impatiently get my attention.”
  4. Arrive on Time for the Interview. According to Vicens, you should strive to arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled interview to complete additional paperwork and allow yourself time to get settled.
  5. First Impressions. Remain respectful, professional and confident, smiling a little (not with a pasted on grin) and be as calm, yet enthusiastic as possible. You never know who could be part of the hiring process.
  6. Remember Body Language.

“If you sit down like you’re sitting in your living room and unprofessional that is something that i will take notice. If you should sit straight with confidence showing that you’re a professional.”  Effective forms of body language: smiling, eye contact, solid posture, active listening, nodding.

Ineffective forms of body language: slouching, looking off in the distance, playing with pen, fidgeting in chair, brushing back hair, touching face, chewing gum, mumbling.

  1. Ask Insightful Questions.

The smart job-seeker prepares questions to ask days before the interview, adding any additional queries that might arise from the interview.  “You should always ask questions it show you’re interested in the job.” Simple questions like asking about the work hours can go a long way.

  1. Sell Yourself. “Make it known that you are the candidate for the position that you are the one that they need to hire because you have all the correct qualities.”

2015 Reflections Contest

Mill Creek’s annual Reflections contest commences once again this year with a theme of “Let Your Imagination Fly.” All students are welcome and encouraged to participate by submitting any art of their creation in the form of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, and visual arts. Visual arts and photography contributions are to be submitted to Mr. Lasseter (room number); Literature and all other categories are to be submitted to Mrs. Neff (C102).

Rules for Student Participation:

Rules of Submissions:

Dance Choreography –

Film Production –

Literature –

Music Composition –

Visual Arts –

Student Entry Form:

The deadline for submissions is September 25.

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